The Growth of Gmail Last Year (43%) is Major Concern for AOL and Hotmail

Google launched its Gmail service 4 yrs back after Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, and Windows Live Hotmail. But, it witnessed a serious growth in the US during last year. As per the forecast of comScore, Gmail grew 43 percent last year to 29.6 million. In contrast, the much more massive Yahoo Mail grew 11 percent to 91.9 million uniques. AOL Mail stood second for the year with 46.6 million uniques (plus another 7.2 million visitors to AIM Mail), while the popularity of Hotmail actually dropped to 5 percent to 43.5 million.

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Oracle Laid Off 500 Sales Staff and Consultants

500 Oracle employees in its North American sales and consulting divisions were laid off last Friday by Oracle corp. Oracle’s laid off is directly related to $8.5 billion takeover of BEA Systems Inc.  and acquisitions of Hyperion Solutions Corp. last year. Also, the business volume went down due to recent economic slowdown. The company admitted that it plans to spend this year on severance, it will likely keep downsizing till spring of 2009. The company has 84,000 people globally.

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Use Twitrans to Translate Twitter Message in Different Languages

Twitrans is a free service that was launched by You can send tweets or personal message in any language other than English. So, if you like to send personal message to a Hindi speaking person in India, then send a Twitter short message to @twitrans followed by the translation requested(English(en) to Hindi(hi) is en2hi).

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Oracle, Microsoft, RIM Released Impotant Patches

Oracle is supposed to release the update of critical patches on Tuesday. It includes 41 security patches in its database and enterprise software products. RIM also released a critical patch for Blackberry Enterprise Server that fixes a critical flaw in the way those servers process PDF documents.

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Microsoft to Invest in Multi Touch Screen PC Startup, N-Trig

N-trig, provider of DuoSense technology that combines pen and capacitive touch in a single device, announced today that they have completed a fund-raising event of $24 million from investors, including Aurum Ventures, Challenger Ltd., Canaan Partners, Evergreen Venture Partners and Microsoft Corp. The central reason for Microsoft investment is that it includes support for muti-touch screen in the new windows 7 Operating System that was released as public beta recently. Full article »

Google Earth Enterprise Portable Version is now Available

Google Earth portable version for enterprise allows the organization to distribute the geospatial data to their field employees in case of disaster where the bandwidth is limited. The portable version can be deployed for single or multi user in a team. The software is mainly useful for disaster management, field operation or remote viewing. The portable version should be synchronized with the Enterprise version before the deployment in the field.

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A Close Look at New Twtapps

Twtvite is a simple event management tool. You  just input your Twitter name, event name, place, time, date, and add an 140 character description. You can share the information of twtvite on Twitter, Facebook, other social apps and via email. You can also embed a twtvite widget with RSVP options.

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Review of Joost, A Free Internet TV Service

Joost is a P2P internet TV service based on Flash-based Web player. It is just like watching your Television but whenever you want. The service is free. But, there are video ad in between the program and image ad on the side. Joost offers a desktop client that allows the user to watch on-demand TV over the internet and it requires a download. Since , it is a P2P service,  the server streams out less data. It only serves a few users. The rest of the data is distributed from peer to peer.

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Free Dating Sites Move Up Ranking in USA

Online Personals Watch analyzes the trend of internet dating industry. 90% of the top free dating sites in the USA and UK moved up rankings from May to December 2008. The most interesting feature of the new sites are the ranking system based upon the the profiles of people in real life. If a person posts fake photograph or profile other users can place them in lower rank. Users can rate 1 star to 5 star. The 1 star means “not even close” and 5 stars mean “true to life.”

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Top 5 Reasons Why It is Impossible to Beat Google

Google believes in clarity and focus. They demonstrate the idea that customer gets first priority and makes the profit. For the past ten years, Google has been helping people navigate the Internet and find exactly what they were looking for. In my opinion, the main reasons that Google is so great are: Full article »

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