Top Eight Ways for Enterprises to Go Green Profitably

greentech-766896 Every enterprise, whether they are manufacturing or service industry, should have a corporate strategy so that they can lower carbon emission, minimize their environmental impact, make the best use of natural resources, and become more energy efficient. The company should tailor their activities in such a way so that it can achieve both environmental and business success. I consider the following highlighted areas are the key for the success. Full article »

Renault Q1 sales fall 30.8 percent to euro7.1B on steep drop in European demand

Renault Q1 sales fall 30.8 percent

PARIS — Renault SA’s sales fell 30.8 percent to euro7.1 billion in the first quarter as the economic and financial crisis ravaged car sales around the globe, the company said Wednesday.

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Role of Quality Assurance in Extreme Programming (XP) Environment

extreme-programmingExtreme Programming (XP) does not have a separate  Quality Assurance (QA) team or role. Usually, the programmers perform unit testing, and either the programmers or the customer carries out acceptance testing.  The QA team is associated with the project from the very beginning. They want to break the system at the early stage of the development so that customer does not get faulty product.

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Top 10 Tips about How to Cut Down Business Expenditure during Recession

23-business_expense When the economy slows down, market swings into the negative direction. You should be smart enough to manage your business in this tough time. During this time, an entrepreneur should think of  reduction of business expenses by means of proper resource allocation and consolidation of businesses. At the same time, you should not compromise with your product or service quality to stay competitive in the market. From my standpoint, I think if a company follow the following procedures, the business is going to be benefited in terms of expenditure. Full article »

A Guide to Akamai Content Distribution Network

akamaiAkamai Technology Ltd is the name of a Content Distribution Network (CDN) company that provides distributed computing platform for global Internet Content and Application Delivery. A content delivery network or content distribution network is a system of Internet that work together to deliver content to end users, in order to improve performance, scalability, and cost efficiency.

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Is Microsoft a Dying Agent?

microsoft-unified-communicationsBill Gates has nurtured Microsoft from obscurity to a giant corporation. The last few years haven’t been especially good ones for Microsoft, despite the fact that it made billion dollar from consumers since it released its last successful operating system Windows XP.

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9 Reasons why Indian Corporates Fared Well in Global Recession

recession2 Bad economy made a big impact on world economy. Countries like Germany, Japan are already in recession. Investment banking are the worst hit during this recession period, followed by banking and insurance sector. Many multinational companies and private sector firms posted lower profit or loss in the last one year. Not only has the Indian economy escaped the onslaught of Wall Street, but many Public sector Enterprises (PSE) in India fought well with the sagging economy compared to private sectors due to their conservative approach all along. They didn’t curtail staff strength like their counterpart. On the contrary, they posted significant profit. After going through the discussion with top company management, I found following reasons why India Inc fared well during recession. Full article »

Top 8 ways SCRUM Differs from XP and Why it Matters

agile Both XP and SCRUM are derived from  Agile methodology but with a slight different principle and practices.  When you work in a software development team, both of the above methodologies are so close that you may get confused which one you are in. Different people provide different opinion about the differences between the two methodologies. I worked with both of the XP and Scrum team. What I learned about the differences between both of the software development approaches, I would like to share with you. Full article »

Netmagic offers cloud computing services

BANGALORE - Leading managed IT service provider Netmagic Solutions Tuesday launched cloud computing services for enterprises to save on capital, space and power.

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Top 8 tips to Secure Venture Capital During Recession

vc Bad economy did a havoc in corporate world during the last one year.  In turn, it forced companies to go either out of business or lay off people very often. As a ripple effect, venture capital for start up and midsized companies are also drying up.  But, still there are handful companies who have been able to manage venture capital during this crunch period. So, what are the tricks to draw funding during the recession period? My analysis highlights the following area of focus for venture capital. Full article »

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