The Top 6 Ways You can Develop PR Basic for a Startup Firm

uhaul When people launch product or services for their new company, they put advertisement to catch the attention of the audience. But, if the advertisement fails for some reason, that is going to be a huge loss for a starup firm. Once you lose money from your startup budget, it may turn out to be very difficult to manage finance for the  second time. A good PR skill is an effective marketing tool, for this kind of company. I guess that a product that draws attraction in the context of  printed news report gets more spotlight than third party advertisement.  A good PR skill is the way to catch the media’s attention. In this article, I emphasized on 10 core aspects of your PR plans for your startup company. Full article »

IBM Made Multi-billion Dollar Buyout of Two Software Firms

The big blue acquired two IT firms. One of them is Business Analytics firm SPSS which is worth $1.2 billion and another is Risk software firm Ounce lab with undisclosed sum amount.  The first deal needs shareholders’ approval. The SPSS deal IBM’s information on demand (IOD) software portfolio and business analytics capabilities and its information agenda initiative that turns information into a strategic asset. IBM is widening its area of expertise in Business Analytics  with the acquisition of SPSS because clients are looking now a days to lower costs, reduce risk and increase profitability through predictive analytics capabilities, which include advanced data capture, data mining and statistical analysis. Full article »

The Top 6 Things You should Do before You Start a Project

project_idea_betsy1 When it comes to new projects , you could say that I’m commitment phobic. For a long time I was more interested in the ideas before launching a new project than the execution. The rule of thumb is that you should never rush in the beginning of the project. I don’t think there is a best way to start a project however there always is a better way. I managed a few projects as a Project Manager for my previous company. I would like to share my experience with you about how did I start most of the mid sized projects and I am happy to get a  feedback from you to improve any of my lapses. Full article »

Two Third of the Entrepreneurs are Positive about the Future of Economy: Survey

entrepreneurship2 Entrepreneurs have gone through worst economic period during the last year.  You already know the current condition of your business. But, you may be curious to know how your fellow entrepreneurs are doing and what they think about the future of the economy. Ray Silverstein president of  PRO:  President’s Resource Organization made a survey among different business owners about the future of the economy and the findings are as follows: Full article »

Outsourcing Business didn’t Perform Well during Recession Period for the Last One Year: TPI

bpo-logo As per the TPI index, outsourcing is struggling on continuous basis for the last one year due to financial crisis because less dollar amount was signed in the first half in comparison with the year of 2008. TPI this week released its second quarter and first half figures for the outsourcing market in 2009. TPI study witnessed that companies are going through a bad patch during the last one year, they are getting very tactful in order to take sourcing decision.  However, they further noticed some activities for the last six month that indicates the worst may be finally over.

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France’s Groupe Danone says 1H profit rises 44 percent as dairy volumes rebound

Danone 1H profit up 44 percent

PARIS — Groupe Danone SA’s first half net profit rose 44 percent as the French yogurt and bottled water company said price cutting had helped spur a rebound in volume sales of its key fresh dairy division, Danone said Friday.

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The Top 7 Firewall Software for Small and Medium Enterprise

boxshot_prod_04072009 We are living in the era of Virus, Trojan, Malware and Phishing. You should take these security threats seriously for your company. Firewall is available both in hardware and software flavor. When you buy firewall software for your company, you have to pay attention for some basic features. Every product you examine should have an easy-to-use management console, provide basic perimeter defenses, accept TCP and UDP port blocking, support stateful inspection packet filtering, and be easily upgradable, both by swapping out existing hardware and replacing existing software. Before you install firewall on your PC, be sure that the Windows default Firewall is turned off. I have used a few firewall software for my company and I would like to mention the top 7 of them in this article. Full article »

Microsoft Surprised the Linux Community with the Release of Linux Code

microsoft_logo Microsoft released 20, 000 lines of code to the Linux community. The linux driver was developed by Microsoft’s open source technology center. This is the first time that Microsoft released Linux code to the Linux community. This is going to improve the performance of Linux OS which is virtualized on windows server 2008 Hyper-V or Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V. Without this driver code, Linux can run on top of Windows, but the performance level is not going to be that high. The code is released under GPLv2 license, which is the Linux community’s preferred license.

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Benefits of Local Networking for Entrepreneurs and Would-be Entrepreneurs‏

2102 When you network, you gain the trust of others as well as their “seal of approval.” That makes your business stronger and more competitive in the mainstream marketplace.  But, networking is more than exchanging business cards. It means initiating relationship.  A contact won’t remember your name for long time unless he notices and values you. In this article, I emphasized on the core benefits for business networking. Full article »

Software Prices are Raised Again by Oracle

pic-for-oracle_thumb2 Oracle again increased the software prices after one year at least by 20%  to maximum 40 % for certain products. The administrative tools used for monitoring and compliance witnessed big jump in prices compared to databases and application server product. Full article »

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