Top 8 Social Media Trends for 2009

As per the conventional wisdom, social media is changing very rapidly. It’ll remain a moving target for marketers as well as an exciting technology for developers and users. Here is a quick list of my social media predictions for 2009 that I gathered after analyzing and reading different opinion of pundits.

  • Twitter is going to be integrated with mainstream social network like Facebook oy MySpace. More people will flock at fastest-growing user group of the microblogging notification system, Twitter.
  • Kickbee is a device worn by pregnant mothers that senses a baby’s movements inside the womb and transmits them onto digital networks. The Java application receives the sensor values and analyzes them. When a kick event is detected, a Twitter message is posted via the Twitter API.
  • Rise of MoSoSo’s (Mobile Social Software) is going to be evident in the forthcoming years. It provides the concept of digital networking. The users will be able to find each other in a particular location and neighborhood for social networking.
  • The gaining popularity of social networks, as well as increased texting and cell-phone use, is going to impact the  e-mail marketing, according to “The Social and Portable Inbox: Optimizing E-mail Marketing in the New Era of Communication Tools,” a report from JupiterResearch.
  • Sermo is an on line community for physicians to post observations and questions about clinical issues and hear other doctors’ opinions. It is only open to D.O. and M.D. s.
  • Fortune 500 companies are going to adopt more internal social media for management efficiency purpose.
  • Viral Video like youTube is going to get widespread popularity by means of email, instant messaging, blogs and other media sharing websites. The availability of cheap video editing and publishing tools allows video shot on mobile phones that can be edited and distributed virally both on the web by email or website, and between phones.
  • Lots of merger and acquisitions are expected to take place in the forthcoming years that will make the product more powerful.
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