A Close Look at AA, Windows based Internet Mail Server

aamailsmall1 AA mail Server is a SQL database based Windows mail server program and Webmail software for enterprise. It is targeted mainly for small and medium businesses to build their mail server on internet. The software comes with two flavors. You can get a free trial of the software to download before you buy. The Standard Edition that supports 1 domain, 100 mailboxes, costs $119 and Business Edition with unlimited domain and mailboxes costs $299 with Lifetime license.

The key features of the AA are:

  • Easy to set up
  • Compliant with SMTP/POP3/ESMTP protocol
  • You can read and write emails with different languages in one web page with UFT-8 Webmail Server program.
  • It uses SQL based mail server which is faster than file based mail server
  • Uses multi-RBL Lookup technology to provide anti spam protection
  • You can monitor employee email with Monitoring/Archiving function
  • If you company has ISP mail service, Mail Mapping Server Mode is very helpful. AA mail service can send or retrieve mails automatically with the help of ISP mail service
  • Diagnosis functions like Diagnose MX and Diagnose Sending can figure out problems easily
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