A Close Look at JTrac, an Open Source Bug Tracking Tool

jtrac-logo JTrac 2.1.0 is an open source issue tracking web application software, written in Java and it is bundled with Jetty Web Application Server. JTrac is distributed as a WAR file. You can easily install it by dropping the software at your servlet engine. The JTrac web-application checks the environment on startup and if a configured database is not detected, HSQLDB is used by default. If you have Java 5 installed you can run the application after downloading and extracting JTrac - by simply using start and stop scripts. The tool uses Acegi Security framework for Spring. You can get the software from here and there is a documentation at this place.

I found the following useful features of the software:

  • Custom field and drop-down for each project
  • Easy to install
  • Email notification and File attachment
  • Support for LDAP and Active Directory.
  • Text Search and search by custom fileds.
  • Detailed history view
  • You can view the statistics from Dashboard
  • Multiple Language translation.
  • Export data to Excel sheet
  • JTrac comes with the 5 core screens ie. Dashboard, Create, View, Search and Results. You feel comfortable to navigate through them.
  • Contains Embedded database and web-apps server
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