A Close Look at MULE, an Open Source Business Integration Solution

muleMule Enterprise 2.2 is an open source ESB that can be plugged into any vendor applications. It comes with support like HTTP, JMS, SOAP, SMTP. This a novel architecture that supports seamless integration of different business applications.You can get professional support for Mule from Mulesource.

Different software applications use different protocols and different messaging formats. Mule provides a framework that converts data into messages and carried to the applications. The beauty of Mule is that it can separate Messaging Layer from Business Layer. Mule is implemented in Java, but most of the work to connect to enterprise resources, processes, filters, and route messages occurs in XML configuration files.

The  core features of Mule are:

  • Pluggable Connectivity, for about 50 protocols including JMS, JDBC, TCP, UDP, multicast, http, servlet, SMTP, POP3, file, XMPP.
  • Message Routing capabilities
  • Deployment architecture including ESB, ESN, Hub and Spoke, Client server
  • Web Services and WS-* support using Apache CXF, XFire, Axis and Glue
  • Integration with JBoss and other App servers
  • Spring Integration
  • Transformation Layer
  • Integrated Security Management

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