A Quick Look at Task2Gather, an Online Project and Task Management Tool

Vito Technology released Task2Gather, an Online task management tool based on web 2.0 technology and it is free service. Users can sign in to the service and start organizing their to-do tasks right away. Users can get a paid subscription if they require additional services like  reports, file attachments, advanced security, and RSS, among many other features. The client version for Apple iPhone or Win Mobile client is coming soon.

Task2Gather is one place where you can organize your day day professional, social or personal tasks. You can also invite your coworkers or family members to participate to achieve your team work. Once your friend or coworker log into task2gather service, they not only see their own tasks, but all of the tasks that you share with them are visible. The tool is high performing, simple and contains a very intuitive interface.

Moreover, the approach the solution offers makes no difference if you act as a project manager of a large-scale software development project with dozens of people working on it or if the project you manage is actually your Sunday shopping  - in both cases you will achieve the goals equally without any learning process involved.

Source: The Wired

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