Alitheia Core, the Alpha Version of Open Source Quality Tester is Out

The Software Quality Observatory for Open Source Software (SQO-OSS) project has released an alpha version of Alitheia Core, an open-source software quality-checking tool. Alitheia has been developed by a consortium of European businesses, academics and open source developers. It is available under the two-clause BSD open-source license.

“By analysing public data sources relating to open source projects (email, bug tracking data, code, version control metadata) the system utilises metric-based assessment techniques to assess quality characteristics,” according to the project’s Web site.

The project’s backers explained that this release should be considered as a usable alpha release and that, while core functionality is provided, performance issues remain and customisation is currently disabled. Alitheia Core will eventually allow open source software developers to deploy the system for themselves to monitor their own code quality.

The tool may enjoy a slightly broader audience in Europe, at least for now. A recent Forrester Research study found that France and Germany had greater open-source adoption rates than the U.S. and Canada, although the U.K. lagged behind those countries.

Source: PC Magazine

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