AOL Offers More Options in Instant Messenger Service for iPhone Users

aim2-200x300AOL launched expanded AIM service for instant messenger which comes with Free and Paid version. The key features of the additional services are  SMS notifications, location-aware services, and support of multiple accounts. The major difference for free and paid version is the inclusion of ads in the buddy list of the AIM Free app. AIM Free (2.0.1) is currently available for download (via iTunes)

Now, when you log on, the app requests you whether you are interested to share location with your buddy. It can also let you see the location of your friends who share their location.

Other interesting feature is the SMS capabilities.  Users now have the option to send an IM to a screen name, or alternatively, can send an SMS to a contact’s phone number. Also, now you can stay logged on for upto 24 hours even though the application is closed.

Another new feature is the ability to use photos (taken with an iPhone) as buddy icons and the option to switch between multiple screen names at any time.

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