Apple is Developing Auto-volume Control for iPod

Apple is working on volume control device for its iPods. It will automatically determine how long a person has been listening and at what volume, before reducing the sound level gradually.

The device will also calculate the amount of ‘quiet time’ between when the iPod is turned off and when it is restarted, allowing the volume to be increased again to a safe level.

Listening to volume below 70 decibels is considered safe. But iPods can currently reach volumes of over 100 decibels - the equivalent to standing 10ft from a pneumatic drill - and enough to cause permanent damage after just 15 minutes.

Recently, there was a class action suit against Apple, filed by a Louisiana man, saying the computer maker failed to take adequate steps to prevent hearing loss among iPod users. Politicians and researchers also claimed the same issue.

Apple responded by releasing a free software update for some iPods that lets listeners set a maximum volume limit. But, that did not resolve the issue completely.

Apple has acknowledged concerns in its patent application over the risk the iPod poses to hearing and comes after a series of intense studies highlighted the potentially damaging effects.

If the next generation iPods do what the patent claims, it could help to protect the hearing of millions of its customers.

Source: London Daily Mail

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