Apple Lowered the Price of SSD Based MacBook Air by $300

With the price of NAND flash memory continuing its steady sequential decline, Apple Inc. this month cut the price of its Solid State Drive (SSD)-equipped MacBook Air by half a grand, AppleInsider has discovered.

The high end MacBook Air comes equipped with a 1.8GHz upgrade (from 1.6GHz) and a 64GB Solid State Drive (SSD). The total price for the high end laptop is $2598. Compare this to the original price of the 1.8GHz/SSD MacBook Air at $3098 just last week.

The base price for the 1.6GHz 80GB Hard Drive MacBook Air remains at $1799. The difference in price appears to be a combination of price drops in both the processor upgrade ($200 vs $300) and SSD ($599 vs $999).

SSD products and deployments have been a hot topic of late, but consumer SSD options are still confined to the extreme high end of the market. Faster drives and a falling cost-per-gigabyte should help bring drive costs down  into a price bracket more consumers can afford but the focus in the manufacturing world right now is on boosting storage capacities and performance, not reducing costs.

Source: Appleinsider

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