Apple to Roll Out $99 or $199 iPhone on Monday

iphoneglance As per the latest report of Financial Times, Apple has a plan to introduce cheaper version of iPhone on Monday. The company has a plan to show the models at their Developer’s Conference on Monday. This will improve the market share of iPhone significantly. The report further says that the product is going to be either $99 or $149.

One analyst says that $50 price cut could increase demand by 50 percent and a $100 cut by 100 percent. The global sales of Nokia handset stands at 41 percent, RIM stands at 20 percent. Whereas Apple contributes 11 percent of global handset sales. The market will be more competitive because Palm is going to introduce Smartphone on June 6 and Google’s Android phone is due in Summer.

Analysts further predicts that Apple will introduce new featured phone on Monday regardless of the price tag.

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