At & T will Roll Out Mobile TV in 58 US Markets

AT&T plans to offer a new mobile digital TV service, including full-length shows and some movies, which is an obvious step up from typical mobile video shows that are over in minutes. AT&T is launching the service May 4 in 58 U.S. markets.

AT&T Mobile TV will broadcast from a wireless network run by Qualcomm’s MediaFlo USA and will cost $15 a month for about 10 channels including Comedy Central, ESPN, MTV and NBC News. Or it will charge $13 for just four channels. Yet it remains to be seen whether prices, which are similar to Verizon Wireless’ MediaFlo service, are cheap enough to get consumers hooked.

The handsets, which will also be launched on Sunday, are the LG View and Samsung Access, though the company claims lots more handsets will be available soon - but that’s what they always say, and the reality will depend on how popular the service proves to be. It delivers 10 1/2 (I’ll explain the half later) channels of relatively high-quality TV programming, including a decent movie channel.

Here’s to hoping. It’s not as if the other competitors in the mobile TV world have radically upgraded their systems. When it comes down to it, if you want to be diverted and entertained by TV on your phone, AT&T’s system is the easiest and highest-quality way to get your square-eyes fix, and that’s why it is an eye-catch-er.

Courtesy: Reuters

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