BEA Moves Forward with Java App Servers

BEA has partnered with Veritas Corp to offer utility computing to the customers with their application Server. The utilility computing signifies that customer runs their application on a group of low-cost servers and automatically move the load as per the requirement.

BEA cut a deal to make its WebLogic application server work better with three Veritas products: Veritas OpForce, for automatically provisioning servers; Veritas Indepth, for managing the performance of applications; and Veritas Cluster Server, for linking servers in a group. The cluster server has already been validated with Weblogic. The close ties will come into reality with the planned release of Veritas Cluster server in Sept.

The joint initiative between Veritas and BEA is going to usher in a heterogeneous environment with a mix of servers, operating systems and applications. On the contrary, the utility product from IBM and Oracle work better with their own products. Company like Hewlett Packard Co. has its utility product that works with BEA Application Server. So the new Veritas deal will give customer second option to choose.

“Our products have always supported BEA, but it’s been done in a way that you’d find support for a lot of other applications,” said Arya Barirani, director of solutions marketing at Veritas. “Now the organizations are working together more tightly on the engineering front, so that support will be deeper and a lot more customized.”

Source: Computerworl

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