BlueStripe Announced Application Service Management Solution, Factfinder

BlueStripe, formed by ex IBM/Tivoli System professionals, unveiled its first commercial product Factfinder. Factfinder helps companies stage, deploy, and manage business for critical application in a virtualized environment. Factfinder enables infrastructure groups to control over application management and performance in virtual data center environments, including service response times, virtual machine utilization, and cross-server dependencies.

The software has the following milestones:

  • Application Discovery & Mapping –

FactFinder offers automatic discovery and topology mapping of the application connections, processes, and interdependencies that provides unmatched visibility into both physical and virtual environments.

  • Application level Health Measurement –

By enabling simple drill down into performance indicators of connections, usage, and application access times, FactFinder predicts the relative health of a business critical applications.

  • Automatic Triage of Application & Server Problems

FactFinder’s easy to understand performance indicators shows areas of concern and also gives guidelines how to solve the problem and optimize the supporting IT environment.

FactFinder provides real data for complete application including including real-time and historical data, information on connections and performance, availability of resources, complete mapping etc.

“The next phase in virtualization adoption will necessitate insight and intelligence at the application level – and even more importantly at the business service level,” said John Humphreys, program vice president in IDC’s Enterprise Platform Group. “By connecting the ability to monitor business services to the infrastructure control afforded to customers via virtualization, BlueStripe is closing the feedback loop and enabling customers to actively manage service levels via insight into the applications and control of the virtualized infrastructure.

Source: DBusinessNews

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