BusinessWareDirect Launched Web Based Enterprise Monitoring Tool, DataNet

BusinessWare Direct, a leading provider of industrial Data Management, announced Web based monitoring solution Datanet Enterprise. This software offers the basic functionalities of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Management Execution System (MEA). Datanet gathers information from different places of the enterprise system and displays it in a consolidated format to the managers so that they are going to have comprehensive view of data for different processes.

DataNet Enterprise goes into machines, databases and legacy systems to enable staff to manage core information, monitor real-time plant processes, and collect and analyze historical data. Vital informations can be accessed through Web like company dashboard by the employees and they cam take day to day critical decision.

BizWareDirect incorporated several of its data management tools in DataNet Enterprise. Not only does DataNet Enterprise provides remote monitoring capabilities through the Internet, it also offers the ability to schedule regular reports, and set-up email system alerts that has to be sent to the appropriate personnel.

Anne Francomano, product manager, said, “DataNet Enterprise builds upon the success of BizWareDirect’s previous data management software products like DataNet OPC and DataWorx. BizWareDirect’s products are well known for their functionality and ease of use. DataNet Enterprise takes those qualities and advances data management to the next level by offering a way for plant personnel to pull data from multiple sources, log data to databases, view live process data via OPC, create and maintain databases structures, and so much more.”

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