Can Social Network Site Help You Find a Job?

job_search_steps Social Networking is the new and improved way to land your dream job. If you are new to social networking site, you should know that sites like Facebook or Twitter can help you find a job. As per the Market Research firm, Nielson Online,  almost 70 % of the online users use social networking site. You will be wondering to know that there are quite a significant number of people who use those sites to get in touch with the employer or build up peer network to exchange job tips. The following section highlights a few interesting social networking sites in terms of finding a job.

  • Twitter: Twitter is a micro blogging site. You can update it via web site or mobile phone.  Your account can be hooked up with Facebook. You can also use their job search engine at where you can find interesting job discussion. You have to keep your job profile ready and incorporate what job you are looking for. If you have expertise in any particular area, advise to other people looking for help. The idea is to grow your network so you can take advice from people in the similar area.
  • Facebook: Lots of people are using this social networking site for job hunting now a days. Many employer log into this site on regular basis to search for potential candidate. There is a feature in Facebook called “Marketplace” where you can search for job and email your resume to the potential employer.  You can also join groups with similar interest, exchange the idea or get some helpful tips to find a job. Further, it is possible to add people through Facebook by their email.
  • Linkedin: This is my favorite place to do professional networking and job hunting. Over 500 companies are using LinkedIn’s Corporate Solutions and many more hiring managers and recruiters are using LinkedIn to post jobs and find candidates for employment. Please, use your LinkedIn profile like a resume and provide your prospective employers  detailed information about your professional background.
  • MySpace: MySpace is a social networking website that offers users the ability to connect through personal profiles, blogs, groups and other features. There are lots of traditional as well as tech savy companies who have profiles at MySpace and they are willing to think outside the typical procedure to attract this generation of job seekers.
  • Ning: This is an online service to create, customize, and share a social network.You can create on line social network in different areas like  jobs and the job search with this service. Each Ning Network allows users to blog, connect with other Ning members, and discuss relevant issues in network forums.
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