Cisco and Microsoft Launched New Windows Server Product

Cisco and Microsoft jointly unveiled new product Windows Server on WAAS. The company can deploy corporate applications and infrastructure services across branch and data center with the help of this product which is an integration of Windows Server 2008 with the Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS).

The new product integrates Windows Server functionality with Cisco’s wide area application services, which communicate over the network to a Cisco WAAS appliance in a data center. Windows services consists Microsoft Active Directory, Domain Name System Server, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Server, and print services. Cisco’s WAAS Central Manager manages networking functionality and Windows Server can be remotely controlled by IT staff in a data center through the Microsoft System Center.

The key benefit of this solution is the reduction of maintenance cost for remote management. Also, it brings a faster computing response time to employees than products that distribute centralized resources from a data center.

Source: InformationWeek

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