Conficker Worm May Hit Badly on April Fool’s Day

facebook-koobface-wormAs per Security firm F-Secure, already 9 million PCs have already been hit by the worm Conficker/Downadup. IT management firm CA further predicts that it may hit back on April Fool’s day in a big way. The new version of the worm will generate 50,000 URLs a day and report back to any one of 500 of them.

The worm is planning to attack in such a way that it may be difficult to be shut down those URLs in time, and it can connect any number of servers to transmit or access data that is available. It’ll also threaten to make¬† URL blocking/filtering defenses useless, if not much less effective. The new worm is going to make the security tools ineffective that detects them. The Conficker clean up tool can be downloaded from here.

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