Conspiracy Theory Behind the Cut of UnderSea Cable

First a ship’s anchor cut into two high-priority cables — Flag Telecom’s Europe-Asia cable and the consortium-owned SEA-ME-WE 4 system. That pretty seriously damaged communications in the Middle East and choked traffic to India.

Then Flag said on Friday that its Falcon cable was cut between UAE and Oman. Later Friday it was reported that the Qatar-UAE Submarine Cable System was cut. The last one, it seems, was not a cut but a power system failure.

Whatever that means. “911 scholars” claim the US did it to hamper communications while the military launches an attack against Iran.

Some of us fear that internet access may have been deliberately severed to isolate Iran and make it difficult to communicate in response to a ‘false flag’ attack in the United States, possibly during the Super Bowl, an attack upon Iran, or both.”

“False flag” attacks are conducted by a government against targets, including its own citizens, in order to blame an enemy and justify taking action against it.

Even though Internet routing protocols are designed to provide redundancy, there is still a risk of an outage.

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