Digg Launched New Mobile Site

Since the release of iPhone there is a rush to launch new Mobilesite. Digg took advantage of it and launched its new mobile site m.digg.com.  All graphics and other unnecessary information has been completely disabled off this data, allowing it to load on a mobile device as quickly as possible.
This site is an experiment to see how we can make digg news easily available to mobile web browsers.

We display the latest popular stories on digg, updated continuously, as stories are available. You can read the news on a Blackberry, Treo, or cell phone on the train, in the line at the grocery, or in a boring meeting.

The new Digg mobile site isn’t necessarily an iPhone app–it just looks better on the iPhone than the Blackberry.

The new version provides:

- Multiple views of the most recently popular stories. You can tab between the filters like digg to see stories popular in the last 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days and 365 days.
- Better visibility to differentiate between media types. If the story is tagged as ‘YouTube’, you can click to play the video directly on your iPhone.
- The ability to favorite stories when logged in.
- Improved usability when surfing between various stories.
- The ability to load more comments on each story.
- Quick page loads due to less javascript used on the site.

The release of the new mobile version also coincides with Digg’s reported traffic increases because of  its new recommendation engine.

Source: Mashable

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