Dow Zones Recovered Significantly with Tech Stocks Up

Dow Zones soared on Monday with Apple, Microsoft, Dell, and other tech companies gained double digit. Dow went up 936.42 points to close at 9,9387.61 after losses of 8 consecutive days. Nasdaq recorded 194.74 points to close at 1,844.25, due to double-digit gains from Microsoft, Apple, Oracle, Cisco, Dell, and Research in Motion. The confidence of the investors improved after US central bank injected money to rejuvenate the beleaguered financial institutions.

Microsoft rose 18.6 percent to end the day at $25.50 a share, while computer makers Dell went up about 14.5 percent to $15.21 a share and Apple jumped approximately 13.5 percent to close at $110.26 a share. Oracle posted a 13 percent rise of stock value and closed the regular trading session at $18.86 a share, while Cisco Systems ended the day up 11.8 percent to close at $19.27 a share. Research in Motion, maker of the BlackBerry smartphone, went up 15.5 percent to close at $63.87.

Source: cnet

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