eBay to Roll Out New APIs for Developers

eBay will unveil a new platform strategy called Project Echo tomorrow at their developer conference which is aimed at better servicing its seller community. The APIs will allow developers to integrate applications in Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro, eBay’s tools for managing sales in one location, My eBay.

Project Echo will allow app developers to pitch their apps to just the potential customers they are looking for. For example, if an app is designed only for high-volume electronics sellers, Project Echo will make sure that those sellers get queued up to see pitches for the app; other sellers won’t be bothered with it.

Ebay has had a rich set of developer APIs for some time now that let third party developers bring eBay functions and features into their applications. Now they are expanding those APIs and asking Developers to build apps to appear within the eBay Selling Manager, which 700,000 or so large eBay sellers use to manage their listings and customer information. Until now, all of the tools in Selling Manager have been created by Ebay.

In order to get into the Project Echo program, developers have to meet certain standards for trustworthiness. Also, all apps must have 30-day free trials. In return, developers will get access to “special APIs that are only available to people who integrate in Project Echo,” according to Max Mancini, senior director of Mobile Platform and Disruptive Innovation

eBay and online billing service PayPal, an eBay subsidiary, also gave DevCon attendees a look at its new site, PayPal Developer Central, aimed at developers who want to use the PayPal payments platform. The beta site provides technical information for developing PayPal integration, as well as education and training resources to learn about the payments industry.

Source: Ars Technica

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