Ekiwi Connector to Integrate Screen Scraper and Oracle Enterprise Search

Ekiwi, a member  OraclePartners network teamed up with Oracle Corp and developed an adapter which will integrate Screen Scraper and Oracle Secure Enterprise Search. Oracle Enterprise search can facilitate search for wide range of Enterprise application and Data Sources. The new Integrator is going to expand the amount of Enterprise Application that can be searched.

A good amount of data is stored in the “Deep Web”. It is not possible to retrieve those information by Engines. By coupling the integrator with Oracle secure search, users will be able to retrieve those information. Web based content are generally stored in the database. So, there are lots of tables and they are linked together by relationship. Since, Screen-Scraper operates on content as it is seen in a browser, information that might be scattered if pulled directly from its source, can be easily indexed and made searchable by Oracle Secure Enterprise Search.

Oracle has a revenue in the range of $10 to $12 Billion. It has teamed up with Ekiwi to enhance the content acquisition capabilities of Oracle’s Security Search system.  It will definitely give Security Search some extra mileage to integrate this platform-independent dynamic web content system.

As per the company, the screen scraper technology works this way:

It consists of a proxy server that allows the contents of HTTP and HTTPS requests to be viewed, and an engine that can be configured to extract information from Web sites using special patterns and regular expressions. It handles authentication, redirects, and cookies, and contains an embedded scripting engine that allows extracted data to be manipulated, written out to a file, or inserted into a database. It can be used with PHP, .NET, ColdFusion, Java, or any COM-friendly language such as Visual Basic or Active Server Pages.

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