Google and Salesforce Join Hands to fight Microsoft

In an effort to position as more of a software platform and less of a sales-force automation service, and Google today announced that Google will provide its Google Apps offering as part of the platform.

They have integrated Salesforce’s customer relationship management software and Google’s suite of office productivity applications, which includes e-mail, word processing and spreadsheets programs, into a single software package. The package will not require a download or installation, but rather will be delivered as a service over the Web. The offering will compete with Microsoft’s customer relationship management software, which is integrated with the its Office suite. Users would able to keep track of e-mail sent to a customer right on that customer’s sales record, and a group of people collaborating on a sales account would be able to communicate by instant message with one another.

Salesforce for Google Apps, as the integrated product is called, is available to Salesforce customers at no additional cost starting from today.

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