Google Announces Android, an Open Source Mobile OS

Google just officially announced the Open Handset Alliance to create an open platform (to be called Android) for a Linux phone that can run mobile Google apps and others. At LugRadio Live yesterday in San Francisco, Google developer and Linux kernel contributor Robert Love gave a presentation about the open source Android mobile phone operating system and software development kit.

“The goal of Android is to be open to developers, open to the industry, and open to users. Users don’t need permission to install applications. Devices from Open Handset Alliance partners will not restrict users,” says Mr. Love.

Android uses the Linux kernel, but includes its own custom graphics and windowing system instead of X11. Linux was chosen for Android, he said, because it has a proven driver model, supports numerous architectures, and has been proven to be sufficiently robust and secure for adoption in embedded contexts. The library stack includes other open source components such as the SQLite database system, the WebKit HTML rendering framework, and the FreeType font rendering engine.

Robert Love’s presentation provided insight into Google’s perspective on open mobility and demonstrated how the flexibility and robustness of the open source technologies that are built into the platform will make it a powerful enabler of progress and creativity.

Source: Ars Technica

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