Google Chrome to Incorporate Greasemonkey Support

It is nice to see that Google Chromium finally added Greasemonkey support in its browser. Greasemonkey is a Mozilla Firefox plugin that helps user to install script that enhances the functionalities of the web pages like to create themes, fix problem, fix rendering bugs, combine data from multiple websites, etc. Users can make change to their web site every time the page is opened without the help from website owner because of the consistency of Greasemonkey scripts.
To start using Greasemetal, download and execute the installer.
After installation, launch Greasemetal from the start menu. Greasemetal will start up Google Chrome and do necessary things to insert userscripts. Once you have run Greasemetal, add userscripts to the users directory under your My Documents folder (or Documents folder on Windows Vista).

Google browser is going to have a significant meaning after adding Greasemonkey support. Although, support for the new feature is limited, developer can make plug in specific to web site to cater their need.

Source: myDigital Life

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