Google Doc Now Available Offline

One of the most innovative additions that Google may be making of its application suite, Google Doc is the ability to save locally. Writing a document on-line and the power goes out, taking with it your entire creativity. It is really very frustrating. However, the days of on-line document editing are over. Google Docs has recently enabled offline editing for Word documents to Google Doc users.

To access the Google Docs offline you would need to make use of Google Gears. Google Gears is an open source browser extension that enables web applications to provide offline functionality using JavaScript APIs. With Google Gears you can store and serve application resources locally, store data locally in a searchable database and run asynchronous Javascript to improve application responsiveness. You might want to check out the Google Gears API blog too. Once you have enabled offline access you can see you documents synchronize, like they do in Google Reader.

“The offline access could open the door to government or healthcare accounts that would not consider a 100 percent cloud computing based productivity suite. This could make Google a great alternative to to Microsoft in those accounts given the price disparity,” said Dikman.

The ability to work offline will greatly benefit a lot of people, especially, businesses. Although, spreadsheets and presentations created through Google Docs aren’t available offline as yet, Google plans to add offline availability to them as soon as possible. This is a huge step taken by Google that would definitely make people wonder, why to spend so much money on Microsoft Office Package. When it is just as easy to create, save, edit and do just about everything in Google Docs.

It would be a great move from Google to make available the application offline, and it comes as a welcome move, the others in similar business could very well be troubled by the move!

Source: BetaNews

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