Google Found Solution of Gmail Access Problem

Google made a statement on Monday that it has resolved the accessing problem of Gmail which was caused by due to the technical glitch of the contact system. The delivery of email did not occur due to the outage of the contact system. Google first acknowledged the problem in the official discussion forums for Gmail and Google Apps shortly after 2 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time on Wednesday. The user got “502 Server Error” while trying to access Gmail.

The problem was reported from the users of the countries like USA, India, Canada and the company also admitted that their corporate email account is also down. More than 500,000 businesses and universities with about 10 million active users have signed up for the free and fee-based versions of Google Apps.

In the Google discussion group, administrators spoke up about the length of the problem and status update issue from Google’s end. “Seriously…It has been two hours. Can you provide us with another update? For a company with your reputation, I’m absolutely shocked at the apparent absence of customer service,” wrote a Google Apps administrator on the discussion forum on Wednesday. “This amount of down time is unacceptable.”

Source: Yahoo News

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