Google Sets New Trends for Website

Google has expanded its Google Trends tool with new numerical data. Google Trends was originally released as a tool that let you see visual comparisons between search volume of keywords. It’s a new tool that lets users take a peek at the traffic data from sites around the web. The new feature pits Google against a number of well-established players in the traffic data space, including Compete, Comscore, Alexa, and a host of others.

Instead of turning to their goldmine of Analytics data, Trends combines information from a variety of sources, such as aggregated Google search data, aggregated opt-in anonymous Google Analytics data, opt-in consumer panel data, and other third-party market research.

The company claims to have high hopes for Trends: “Google Trends is not only a fun tool; it also offers some practical uses as well. Suppose you own an ice cream shop and don’t know which flavours to serve, or suppose you’re responsible for stocking supermarkets across the country; Trends can help you explore the popularity and seasonality of your products.”

The useful applications for a tool like this is pretty extensive. Trends for Web Sites is a global product, available in the US and worldwide but the only supported language is English. In any event, I am personally very excited to use, Search Engines, this new product.

Source: PC pro

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