Google to Unveil Detail Plan for Google App Engine

The search giant Google is going to open the doors for its Google App Engine at Google I/O conference this week in San Francisco. Google will also outline the pricing details for the application at the conference.

Google’s App Engine, which the company first announced in April, provides hosted dynamic Web serving, persistent storage, automatic scaling, a local development environment, and authentication and load balancing aimed at making it easier for developers to build Web applications.

Google also announced that it will be adding new developer APIs for the Google App Engine in the coming weeks; a new image-manipulation API will allow developers to scale, rotate and crop images on the server, and a new memcache API is aimed at making page rendering faster for developers through a high performance caching layer.

In early years, central servers did all the work and people connected through “dumb terminals” that did nothing but display text. Then the personal computer revolution took off, and companies such as Microsoft whose software ran on these “clients” prospered. Now it’s the Internet era, and Google wants a little of both.

It will have a free quota of 500 Megabytes of storage and enough computing power and bandwidth for about 5 million pageviews per month. But for further usage Google said it would charge developers.

“The Web is really the de facto platform for application developers,” noted Tom Stocky, Google’s director of product management for developer products, in an interview about the conference. “We think this in many ways represents an inflection point for Web developers. The Web has brought a new level of interoperability for apps. Developers can choose between APIs and bring a new level of utility to end users.”

Source: ComputerWorld

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