Google’s Strategy for Web Development in the Next Three years

Google explained its vision for Web Development in the next three years at its developers conference being held in San Francisco. Google Inc. will invest in three key areas for developers, including opening up its servers to host their applications, encouraging pervasive connectivity to the Web, and making the browser more powerful, said Vic Gundotra, Google’s vice president of engineering,

“After years of competition among platforms, the Web has won because it’s open, because it’s ubiquitous, and because there’s a passionate community working together to move it forward,” said Gundotra in a statement. “Openness is great for developers and for users because it knocks down hurdles to building great applications, and because it speeds the next wave of innovation by letting good ideas be shared. The Web doesn’t depend on any one API or tool or product, from Google or anyone else. What makes the real difference is the aggregate effect of us all working together, with open standards and open source.”

Here is a brief summary of the plan:

Making the Cloud More Accessible

Google will open up the Google data centers so that developers can more easily scale their applications. It allows developers to run applications on Google’s huge server infrastructure. This will be done using the Google App Engine.

Android for Windows Mobile Platform

Steve Horowtiz, engineering director for Google’s Android mobile phone platform, demonstrated that you don’t need an iPhone to have an appealing mobile interface and compelling mobile applications. When he showed how an Android phone, using an internal compass, could dynamically adjust Google Street View images to match the facing of the phone user, there was applause.

Make the Browser More Powerful

As Per Google, Gears plug-in (which allows people to take Web apps offline and utilize the power of their desktop) and HTML 5 represent the future of the Web browser. By using these tools to extend the capabilities of JavaScript, Gundotra said, Web apps can become more powerful and more rich.

Source: ComputerWorld

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