The Top 6 Ways You can Develop PR Basic for a Startup Firm

uhaul When people launch product or services for their new company, they put advertisement to catch the attention of the audience. But, if the advertisement fails for some reason, that is going to be a huge loss for a starup firm. Once you lose money from your startup budget, it may turn out to be very difficult to manage finance for the  second time. A good PR skill is an effective marketing tool, for this kind of company. I guess that a product that draws attraction in the context of  printed news report gets more spotlight than third party advertisement.  A good PR skill is the way to catch the media’s attention. In this article, I emphasized on 10 core aspects of your PR plans for your startup company.

  • Get a feel about the market: Once you know your target audience for your product, it will be easier for you to identify which media you can get hold of.  You have to narrow down your market, knowing that no product can access more than 100% of the market, nor does it need to be successful. You need to ask questions to yourself about the following.
    What market research is relevant to your intended market? Are there other similar products out there, and if so how will you differentiate your product from the competition? Additionally, will your new product fill a specific need or are people calling for your new product? If there’s no need or your product doesn’t fill a void, then you should not invest in it.
  • Prove why your product is special:  It is crucial for you to prove why people will buy your product. You have to establish the fact that your product runs faster, performs better and most effective compared to the product of your competitors. Such evidence and proof will draw the media’s attraction and they will use the evidence to project your company with edge over your rival company.
  • Show media the product benefit : A “Feature” is what a product has.  A “Benefit” is what a product does.  It is important for you to  let the media  know the benefits and quantify the advantages to prove that users saves time and money because you are trying to sell the product to get media attention at this stage so that you story gets published. All claims of product benefits must be 100% absolutely true. You must be prepared to prove any statements you make to customers. If you are untruthful about your products or services, you won’t survive long .
  • Use the testimonials:  Testimonials are one of the best way that you can prove your credentials. Always use real testimonials instead of made-up ones. Even the most skilled copywriter can hardly make up a testimonial that can match the sincerity and credibility of genuine words of praise from a real customer or client. If you ask a customer to give you a testimonial, and he or she says, “Sure, just write something and I’ll sign it,” politely reply: “I appreciate that, but would you mind just giving me your opinions of our product - in your own words?”.  Fabricated or self-authored testimonials  usually does not do any good.
  • Prepare your press release: Type 5 or 6 short paragraphs describing your product, literature, service, Web site, or company news. Include the most important information in the first two paragraphs. When releases are edited, information in the last paragraphs is the first to be cut. Write a headline that includes the most important feature about the product. Be sure to include a contact name, address, and phone number to which reader inquiry  should be seen. Electronic files of text releases should be in Word, WordPerfect, or ASCII (generic text).
  • Find out the section of the media that is used by target market: You have to figure out which media your target market reads, views or listens.  It is not easy job. You have to do some research to find out which media are most seen or read by your target market. You can get this information from SRDS and any of the Bacon’s directories. They publish  available newspapers, magazines, newsletters, radio and television broadcasts according to locality and special interest groups. They also mention the name and contact number of main editors.
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