How You can Protect Your Wireless Network

wlan The advent of wireless networking has made a big impact on the people about the way they use computers. Wireless networking is so inexpensive now a days that anyone can set up WLAN in an easy way. But, with the inception of this new technology, personal information has become vulnerable to hackers.

You will also be shocked to learn about how easy it is for others to connect to your Wi-Fi network and put your computer under their control. There may be variety of threats.  Say for example, if an intruder may not necessarily attack your computers , they may connect to your WLAN and take control of your network bandwidth to surf the Web. You may consider the following points to safeguard your computer in a wireless environment.

  • Change password for administrative log in: All of the wireless routers come with preconfigured password. Hackers are familiar with those secret password. They can get administrative right by breaking the password information and make heavy damage of your PC.
  • Using a Firewall: A 24×7 Wireless Broadband connection is more vulnerable to hackers. It is a wise idea to use some kind of firewall with the router. Most of the routers come with NAT Firewall. But it only translates the internal IP addresses to that of the Router. It does not verify the data security. For that, you need a second firewall that performs stateful packet inspection, or SPI. It determines whether an incoming data packet is a legitimate response to a request from one of your computers.
  • Disable Remote Administration:  Many WLAN  routers can be controlled remotely with this feature. You can use this Router only if you are also able to define a specific IP addresses or a limited range of IP addresses that are able to administer the router. Otherwise, it is better to turn this feature off.
  • Wireless Encryption: You should use WPA encryption instead of WEP because WEP encryption has some flaws and that makes the cyber criminal to hack the network easily. WPA is relatively better protection and WPA 2 is more advanced one and the latest.
  • Don’t Broadcast the SSID: Most wireless routers continuously broadcast the wireless network’s name.  This is also called the Service Set Identifier or SSID. This helps wireless devices to identify the wireless networks that are available. But, it also publicizes your wireless devices across the network. If you turn it off, your neighbour will not be able to see it.
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