IBM Announced Center for Social Software

The Big Blue unveiled IBM Center for Social Software. The center provides the facility for the experts of IBM to work with clients, partners, university students and faculty. In other word, it will cater as an incubator for the research, development and testing of social software. IBM made some progress in the last few years in the area of  Web 2.0 technologies such as blogs, wikis and social networks.

The prime goal of the center are to:

  • Explore, innovate and commercialize efficient approach in social networking.
  • Work with businesses to  customize enterprise social networks according to their industry profile.
  • Create joint funding research collaborations with government,academia, industry and venture capital participation.
  • Design the future of IBM’s Web 2.0 collaboration portfolio, including social discovery, social search and new architectures for social software including cloud computing.
  • Further social software governance: explore policies for the merit and demerit of social networking in organizations.
  • Develop the science of social software
  • The company initiated the venture from IBM lab. The first one is Beehive, an enterprise social network and the other one is Many Eyes, a free Web-based application that allows users to visualize data in Web 2.0 formats.

    “The Center for Social Software is a channel for the social computing community and our customers to collaborate on the most innovative social technologies being developed today,” said Irene Greif, IBM Fellow and Director of the IBM Center for Social Software. “We view the center as a magnet for the top social computing scientists around the world to visit,share work and innovate.”

    Source: IBM Press Release

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