IBM Gives Rational Toolset New Flavor with the Inclusion of Project Management Dashboard, Rational Insight

tools IBM recently added Rational Insight, a Project Management Dashboard with its Rational Toolset. The objective of the new Dashboard is to let the business managers to pull key data on software development and modifications into progress charts. Insight is built upon the data mining software Cognos that IBM acquired.

The Project Management process is associated with Key Process Indiacators like number of user cases, area of code segments completed, test status of the code or section of the code that has been transferred to source code control system etc. Project managers used to track them manually or from the feedback of the project teammates.  But, Insight plays an important role here. As per Dave Locke, director of Rational offerings management, Insight gets all of these information from the software artifacts. Thus, it reduces the hard work of the project manager significantly.

The core benefit of this product is:

  • Delivers right information at right time to you
  • Web-based view to accurate real-time project and process performance information that includes baselines, averages, and goals. Thus, all team members know how they are doing at all times.
  • Built-in measures and metrics tailored to your specific needs help you assess the status of your projects by analyzing summary views regardless of whether you are project manager or team lead.
  • Improve your process on continuous basis
  • Monitor status of the project using actual real-time data from across all your projects in a single view and create dashboards in different formats from different repositories
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