IBM Made Multi-billion Dollar Buyout of Two Software Firms

The big blue acquired two IT firms. One of them is Business Analytics firm SPSS which is worth $1.2 billion and another is Risk software firm Ounce lab with undisclosed sum amount.  The first deal needs shareholders’ approval. The SPSS deal IBM’s information on demand (IOD) software portfolio and business analytics capabilities and its information agenda initiative that turns information into a strategic asset. IBM is widening its area of expertise in Business Analytics  with the acquisition of SPSS because clients are looking now a days to lower costs, reduce risk and increase profitability through predictive analytics capabilities, which include advanced data capture, data mining and statistical analysis.

“Predictive analytics can help clients move beyond the ‘sense and respond’ mode, which can leave blind spots for strategic information in today’s fast-paced environment – to ‘predict and act’ for improved business outcomes,” said Ambuj Goyal, general manager, Information Management at IBM.

Massachusetts-based Ounce lab develops software in the area of  Application Security. They provide enterprise customers the tools they need to significantly reduce their threat exposure and avert data breach disasters. IBM claims that integrating Ounce Labs technology into the  industry-leading IBM Rational AppScan family of security products represents the best-of-class solution for application security assessment and testing.  The GM of Rational Software, IBM claims that Application Security is very important for information integrity and continuity in government and business.

“The complexity of today’s systems and the sophistication of attacks require comprehensive technology. The acquisition of Ounce Labs allows IBM to provide customers an end-to-end application security testing solution for managing security and compliance across all stages of the software delivery process”

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