IBM Roadrunner is Judged Fastest Computer at Supercomputer Conference

images3 The 2009 International Supercomputing Conference ranked IBM Roadrunner as the fastest supercomputer followed by Cray’s Jaguar. The IBM supercomputer accounts 1.105 petaflops. The Cray XT5 Jaguar One  comes with 1.059 petaflops. A petaflop is  quadrillion floating point operations per second. There are two other systems that feature in the top 10 list. They are the IBM BlueGene/P called Jugene and the Juropa, which is built from Novascale and Sun Microsystems Sun Blade x6048 server. The two German based systems that belong to non-American category featured in the top 10 list.

According to top 500 list, HP continues to hit the most number of  systems on the list, while IBM maintained number one in terms of best performance. Intel processors have been used in 399 system, while IBM Power processors accounts 55 system and AMD Opteron is used in 43 systems.

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