Indian Blog and New Media Society Launched

The Indian Blog and New Media Society (IBNMS), in the making for many months, is finally a fully functional body. And is now inviting everyone concerned to take up membership (free) of the same.

It is an effort to bring together all stakeholders in this space enabling them to collaborate and learn from one another, grow together by creating greater relevancy for new media forms and in the process gain greater visibility to be able to make these publishing platforms more evident in the Indian and global context.

The IBNMS is a not-for-profit grouping of all stakeholders in the blog and new media space from India – but open to membership from all over the world. These include those related to blogs, podcasts, internet TV and radio, online news and entertainment, on-demand videos, photosharing, social media, internet art, user generated content, PR 2.0, digital advertising and marketing and more. You could be publisher or consumer of these media to be a member.

“The idea behind including all forms of new media in this initiative is because no one form of expression works independently in the digital world. There are no clear boundaries between text, photos, videos, graphics and music in the virtual space, and their roles are both overlapping and complementary to one another,” said Ajay Jain, President, IBNMS, and one of the earliest adopters of blogging as a profession.

Source: Techgazing

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