Micron Plans to Roll Out 256 GB SSD for Notebook this fall

Micron announced on Tuesday that it plans to launch 256 GB Solid State Drive this fall. The devices will be targeted for enterprise server and notebook PC applications. Although, Micron didn’t announce the price, sources suggested that the price for 256 GB SDD would be around $500.

The company said its next generation RealSSD models include the P200 for servers and the C200 for notebooks. Both type of SSDs are based upon Micron’s high-performance single-level cell (SLC) NAND technology and attach via 3Gbs SATA interfaces. It will be able to achieve 256 MBs of data transfer. The drive will consume about 2.5 watts in active mode and under 0.5 watts in idle mode.

“We are seeing SSD interest in a variety of applications where historically hard disk drives have reigned. For many, the most logical place is in notebook computers, but there is incredible value for SSDs in enterprise server systems, ” said Dean Klein, Micron’s VP of memory system development.

For the upcoming SSD, Micron will use an intelligent processor and plenty of DRAM memory (64MB). The C200, meanwhile, will probably thrill consumer and business notebook owners with faster application performance and quicker boot up times, says Micron. SSD is going to hit the market for the first mainstream notebooks as early as 2009.

Source: CNet

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