Azure, Microsoft Windows Version to Offer Cloud Computing for Developers

Microsoft recently announced the availability of new OS platform Windows Azure at the start of Microsoft’s Professional Developer Conference. Windows Azure will to provide service hosting and management, low-level scalable storage, computation and networking. Users will be able to develop and run the application over the internet by using Azure that resides remotely at Microsoft Data Center. The software is available for preview only for developers

The key features of the new OS are:

  • A platform for developing web applications because it offers hosting and tools for managing service delivery.
  • Windows Azure supports Microsoft Web technologies such as ASP.NET, IIS, and Visual Studio 2008
  • Windows Azure supports popular standards and protocols including SOAP, REST, and XML.
  • The software is an open platform that will support both Microsoft and non-Microsoft languages
  • Provides the option to build Cloud based Apps or add web capability to desktop applications.
  • Windows Azure uses Fabric Controller technology that enables to synchronize the application with the rise and fall of demand

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