Microsoft Launched HPC Server at Wall Street Event

Microsoft released high performance computing HPC Server 2008 Beta 2 for rapid development of financial services applications that can be deployed quickly, managed centrally and scale  from workstation to cluster. The Windows HPC server is second in sequence after Microsoft Compute Cluster Server 2003 in terms of High Computing.

The main target audience for HPC server are Financial Firms. They can schedule real-time and intra-day risk analysis to try and withstand the crisis currently seen at business markets. The company also has plan to integrate HPC Server with Visual Studio 2008. In the recent past, many financial firms have gone through merger and acquisition. Windows HPC Server 2008 can integrate with existing infrastructures and works with tools such as System Center, which can manage mixed operating system environments.

In addition to supporting standard interfaces such as OpenMP, MPI and Web services, Windows HPC Server 2008 also supports third-party library providers, performance optimizers, compilers and debugging toolkits. HPC server is easy to setup and easy to use and significantly decreases the deployment time.

“Computational finance can especially benefit from the speed improvements of HPC. Although credit derivatives and exotic investments are popular, an obvious cost is associated with this trend. As new alternative investment products are introduced, risk or portfolio managers need analysis tools to get an accurate and timely view of a funds worth and value at risk (VaR). However, advances in pricing, advanced analytics and risk and margin analysis tools now require computational horsepower that exceeds the power of a desktop computer,” says Vince Mendillo, Director, HPC Marketing Group, Microsoft.

Source: VNUNET

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