Microsoft Launched IE8 Release Candidate With New Security Features

Microsoft just released Release candidate for IE 8.This is the last Beta version before the final release. The latest version will support Windows Vista, Windows Server and Windows XP Service Pack 2. But, older version or Windows 7 is not supported by the browser. The main features of the new release are:

  • The biggest visual change probably is in the favorites bar, where users can choose an icon-only view to fit more items into the bar.
  • The moment you type your favorites, feeds, and history in the Smart Address bar, it provides drop-down suggestions.
  • You may want the browser to forget a recently browsed web page. IE 8 beta 2’s “InPrivate” browsing mode includes an icon to the address bar, and forgets you were ever at a web page when it’s enabled.
  • Internet Explorer 8 helps protect you against installation of malware, or malicious software with the new SmartScreen Filter.
  • IE  8 uses  cross scripting(xss) filter so that Malacious code does not run on user computer. This type of code can lead to information disclosure, cookie stealing, account/identity theft, and more
  • Domain Highlighting helps you avoid deceptive and phishing sites that attempt to fool you with misleading addresses.
  • Data Execution Detection prevents damage to your computer from viruses and other security threats by preventing certain types of code from writing to executable memory space.
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