Microsoft Spends $500 million to Jazz Up Vista

ZDNet reported that a new Microsoft ad intended to combat negative opinions about the company’s Windows Vista operating system is turning heads online. The company asserts that it is now compatible with the vast bulk of software and hardware. It also boasts that Vista is more secure, faster, uses less energy and is even “sexier.”

A Microsoft executive earlier this month told a crowd at a Microsoft-sponsored conference that the company was getting ready to take the fight to Apple and other critics with an aggressive ad campaign that could cost $300 million.

“When Windows Vista debuted in January 2007, we declared it the best operating system we had ever made. ‘Windows Vista is beautiful,’ The New York Times raved. It’s humbling that millions of you agree. But we know a few of you were disappointed by your early encounter. Printers didn’t work. Games felt sluggish. You told us–loudly at times–that the latest Windows wasn’t always living up to your high expectations for a Microsoft product…Our goal is always to make each new version of Windows better than the last. With Windows Vista, we’re convinced we succeeded,” says Microsoft Site.

As bad as it was before SP2, XP is now a fine operating system that satisfies the needs of both individuals and companies alike. And with the ability to run SP3, which adds the valuable security features already included in Vista, the latter becomes a hard sell.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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