Microsoft’s Mojave Experiment

Microsoft made an experiment in order to find out the opinion of the users about Windows Vista and the result is very promising. Mojave was actually Windows Vista. The Redmond-based company asked some XP users in San Francisco to tell their experience about a new Windows version that the company said that was codenamed ‘Mojave.’

The subjects of the experiment was 120 computer users that preferred using Mac, Linux, Windows XP, and Windows 2000.  The 120 subjects were told that they would be able to test out the next Microsoft operating system called Mojave. Over 90% of the subjects liked Mojave.  Later they found out that Mojave was actually Windows Vista.

Although, Microsoft claims that it has sold 180 million licenses for Windows Vista, the operating system is still having problem to gain ground. According to studies, less than 10 percent of the enterprises in the United States have switched to Vista.

For now, Microsoft has put up a teaser site, with plans to show the actual video footage next week. Microsoft is getting very desperate for the marketing of windows Vista. Earlier on Friday, Microsoft’s Windows Vista Team Blog got unusually combative over this week’s Forrester study that was critical of Vista’s adoption among large businesses.

Source: Pulse 2.0

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