Monitor the Access of Your Gmail Account from Now

After years of testing, Gmail has finally added a very useful security feature: tracking open sessions. If you log in to Gmail from more than one computer and you forget to sign out, you’ll be able to see the list of locations where your account can still be accessed.

Basic information is displayed as part of the page’s standard footer, and users looking for more detailed information can view a log that displays the most recent IP addresses to access the account, along with the type of access (Mobile, POP, etc.).

It’ll give you the idea on the most recent sessions including the access type and IP address. It’s not the end-all for email hijacking, but at the very least it’ll help you point-out intruders. And if you don’t see the feature yet, sit tight, Google is slowly rolling out the feature to all accounts.

The new Gmail features are the latest in a string of privacy-related announcements to come from the search giant. On Thursday there was a report on a judge’s mandate for Google to turn over all YouTube user records as part of the Viacom/YouTube lawsuit, which has been met with widespread outrage. Since then, Google seems intent on demonstrating its concern for privacy, having moved its privacy policy to its homepage (after months of opposing the change) and releasing the enhanced Gmail security.

Source: Washington Post

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