Nvidia Drivers Caused 29% of Vista Crashes

The Recently released documents from Microsoft discloses the fact that drivers for Nvidia PC graphics cards were the cause of roughly 29% of logged crashes in Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system, Ars Technica reports.

The documentation describes that Nvidia drivers caused 479,000 crashes out of a total of 1,663,748 logged by Microsoft during a certain period in 2007. Microsoft’s own drivers followed at roughly 18%. Rival video card manufacturer ATI clocked in at fourth with 9.3%, and Intel at fifth with 8.8%.

If you were an early user of Windows Vista, there’s a pretty good chance you became familiar with one of Vista’s coolest new features: an automatic crash reporting utility that will recommend solutions if and when they become available. Or to put it another way, if you tried running Windows Vista on many machines, there was a good chance your computer crashed a lot. Even if the manufacturer had slapped a shiny new label claiming the computer to be “Vista Capable.”

Microsoft recently released Vista Service Pack 1, which reportedly improves gaming performance on the platform.

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