Open Source Market is Speeding Up at Enterprise Level: IDC

open-source1 As per the latest IDC survey, Open source Software market is expanding at the rate of 2.4% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) to reach $8.1 billion by 2013. The projection is higher than 2008 and there are three reason for that 1) The revenue increased significantly because more number of open source projects have been added in the latest forecast (2) open source software has had a much higher level of acceptance during the last 12 months than previously period, and; (3) the economy accelerated the acceptance of open source software in the closing months of 2008.

The important findings are:

  • Large software vendors like IBM, Sun, Dell, HP, and Oracle are making significant amounts of indirect revenue by providing  support of OSS. This has greatly helped mainstream  acceptance of OSS.
  • Hybrid business models seem to be increasing. It is likely that this will end up as the most prevalent business model, with on-premise vendors adding SaaS, SaaS vendors offering on premise, OSS vendors selling variants, and closed source vendors offering more OSS.
  • The use of OSS increases competitive advantage. The number of BPOs  or software appliances,who are using OSS are on the rise and should help increase adoption and growth for OSS vendors.
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