Oracle Tied Up with HP to Launch Hardware Business

Oracle initiated hardware business in partnersip with HP for the first time in 31 years history. Oracle introduces HP Oracle Database Machine which is 10 times faster than current Data Warehouses. Chief Executive Larry Ellison launched the product at Oracle customer conference in front of 43,000 people. It took three years to develop the product. The database machine will sell for $650,000 and store up to 168 terabytes.

The HP Oracle Database Machine consists of a grid of Oracle Database Servers and a grid of new Oracle Exadata Storage Servers and they are packaged together in a single rack ordered as a complete system from Oracle. HP Oracle Exadata Storage Servers is the key performance booster for the database machine and can be ordered separately if customers have an existing data warehouse and only require the extra storage.

The HP Oracle Database Machine is configured for data warehousing that includes a grid of eight database servers featuring: 64 Intel processor cores, and Oracle Enterprise Linux; and a grid of 14 Oracle Exadata Storage Servers that include up to 168 terabytes of raw storage and 14 GB/sec data bandwidth to the database servers.

The database machine is certified for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition tools and Oracle Real Application Clusters. For the delivery of database machine, Oracle is responsible for sales and system support. HP is responsible for hardware delivery and hardware service.

Source: Press Release

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